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At Onyx Multisport our athletes have varying starting points which our various programs accommodate.  Specific areas of expertise are coaching in swimming, biking, running, as well as strength training.  Nutrition and recovery education is a focus in which we excel. The mission of Onyx Multisport is to coach our athletes by creating a track where they can show up and create change within themselves. Our coaching program positively impacts their daily lives, community, and overall quality of life.

Triathlon Program

Triathlon training caters to athletes from beginner to advanced levels. All training plans are customized to your ability and skill set. Our programs will lead to improvement in all three disciplines and will prepare you to compete in races.  We meticulously educate you on race strategies. 



Cycling Program

Onyx Multisport believes that building a strong foundation of cycling will lead to athletes being better trained for any event or unforeseen encounter. This foundation consists of understanding bike etiquette, safety, mechanics, and becoming one with your machine. When these skills are mastered, you will be challenged to develop your physical skills, become a competitive athlete in your events and improve your performance.


Run Program

Onyx Multisport running provides a comprehensive program. We start with the foundation of feet and shoes, by conducting a gait analysis to ensure that each athlete is equipped with the right tools. Coaching includes a video analysis to improve technique, form, and overall running comfort.  

Onyx Multisport believes that our assortment of specialized running workouts will help you reach your goals.  


Our workouts are designed to get the maximum out of our athletes.  We believe that the consistency of our coaching efforts and skills will maximize our potential as runners.  This includes weekly interval training, tempo, and long runs. 


Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength training consists of plyometrics and weight-bearing activities. As athletes train throughout the season their bodies lose strength. Our program is designed to maintain strength throughout the year. We want our athletes to be physically and mentally strong to withstand their racing schedules. 

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